Scientific Religion

First off I know the title is an oxymoron, but it’s the best way to describe it. I have heard so many people say that religion and science are mutually exclusive and I find it annoying. I have a very good understanding of the world yet I will happily say that I have experienced things outside of what I can rationalize with science. At least not without looking at science from a different viewpoint. So here is that viewpoint, and it starts with a lesson:

One of the basic laws of Science states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another. Another one relates matter to energy, that all matter is actually energy travelling at a slow speed which allows it to interact on this level.

Some of you may be wondering where I am going with this, but trust me it’ll become apparent soon. The universe is something of a closed system, meaning that no energy can enter it from outside nor escape it. This means that the universe is actually just a giant collection of energy. All of this energy get’s changed constantly, light becomes electricity in solar panels for example. But it’s not only that, all the energy has been a million things in the past. As well as that all the matter has to come from the same place. Billions of years ago stars exploded, sending out into space rocks and debris. This spread for years travelling through space. Stars have formed and died, planets have been born and extinguished. But about 4 and a half billion years ago the Earth was formed. It formed in the area around a star that would allow life to be supported. It had meteorites with water crash into it, and it had a sister planet collide with it and become a satellite. Then after many many years life formed. Evolution happened. We eventually came to be.


So now you are reading this and I want you to realise something, you are a part of the universe, you are not a creature in it. You are a living conscious part of the energy of the universe. We know this from the two scientific rules I presented earlier, all mass is energy and energy can’t be made or destroyed. You are formed from the stuff of stars that died billions and billions of years ago, you are all at once as old as the universe itself and still only whatever age you actually are. When you let go of your body it will decompose and rejoin the cycle of the world. You will be eaten, and transformed into the parts of thousands. Who knows the same matter might eventually become another person. However your mind and your thoughts are another form of energy. What happens to them, they can’t be destroyed, science won’t allow it. So they have to go somewhere. Religions tell you they go to another plane or come back as something else. The first one I don’t think happens, that means leaving the system of the universe, which would mean the destruction of the energy. Coming back as something else is more plausible. Personally I think that you become part of the universe again. That your understanding and knowledge is taken in and used by the universe to expand and obtain new heights.


We however won’t know this until we are dead, but before that I want you to keep some things in mind. If you are a part of the universe, then so is everyone else on this planet, so is every dog and slug. All of them are a part of the energy of the universe, forged from the same stars that you are. To look down on them is to look down on the universe and on yourself. To mistreat them is to mistreat the universe. We are all a small fragment of a greater whole, never forget it, cause it’s kinda awesome. As for the existence of a divine ruler or many divine rulers, you could say that the universe is god, it’s possible that energy that we are thus far unable to detect is that of deities. The Morrigan, The Dagda, Thor, Zeus and Odin are all entities that could have existed and probably still do. Restless ghosts, evil spirits, it’s all a form of energy, you can’t see electricity, but it exists and has existed since before we discovered it.

So there you have it, science and religion in one. I hope you enjoyed the read.


About Snababo

What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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4 Responses to Scientific Religion

  1. chicagoja says:

    Science and religion, as you say, are not mutually exclusive. However, science tends to believe in the natural order of things while religion believes in intelligent design. I agree with you that we are all part of a greater whole, but I believe that the greater whole includes what lies outside of our universe (which I believe is not a closed system). Science has recently been redefining what “universe” exactly means anyway and that definition will no doubt continue to morph into something else. With respect to finding God, neither science nor religion will ever find him, assuming that he exists. Science, for example, can not observe what exists beyond space and time and God does not talk to theists despite what their holy books say.

    • snababo says:

      First of, thanks for reading and doubly so for commenting. I had a quick glance at your blog and the “Who Moved My Cheese(Universe)?” post. It is nice to see someone out there with similar views especially on us being the observers of creation, that bit I do agree on. However in your comment you say that religion believes in intelligent design and I’m afraid that is mostly untrue. Many religions have never had any mention of intelligent design, the Tuatha Dé Dannan were never associated with having created mortal men for example. Intelligent design has mostly been used in Christian religions, I know people from many other religions talk about it, but Christianity and Judaism (probably Islam I don’t know) are the most vocal of religions on this topic. Though who is to say that if the Universe wanted to be observed it didn’t create us. Now I don’t think it just went “Pop” and we existed. But if it wanted to it could set in motion a chain of events that would lead us to develop, like I’m sure an all powerful god entity could do too. After that I agree that we will probably never find “God” or a great creator of all that is, the very idea of a great creator is in fact mind boggling and terrifying, for they would be even bigger and more expansive than the universe, which is already really big and terrifying. If a great creator does exist, I’m sure he is too busy running shit to talk to us too.
      Anyway thank you for reading and for the comment too

      • chicagoja says:

        Excellent comments. I always enjoy chatting with you. Like you said, the universe could have created us to be observers or…it could have bifurcated itself towards that same end.

  2. orna says:

    Considering the years that I have known you and heard all of the different ideas about this that you have had over time, I feel firstly incredibly proud of you in a way for expanding your thinking to this point and also feel privileged to have a friend with such a fantastic mind! Also I agree with everything you’ve said and find it the most sensible explanation for the whole idea of creation as well as the science vs religion issue.

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