So picture this, if you will. You are sitting in your car or the bus. This is a machine designed to get you from A to B. That’s pretty cool right? Wrong, that’s awesome. Cause that isn’t the whole picture. It is actually a machine that gets you from A to B on a road made for your machines for going from A to B. Again I’ll admit that it isn’t as awesome as it could be. However now realise that your machine was built from parts using another machine also built from parts and those parts are created from materials harvested from the earth using machines.

How did this happen? At what point in time did we do this? Was there some person in the past who was all like “Hey that town has some stuff I need, but there is a forest in my way. I’m totally going to cut a path through it.” Then he cut a path through the forest with a stone and a stick. But then half way through he dies of exhaustion. However someone else decides to try it too and gets some friends to help them out. They probably succeeded. Then the other village might have been all like “That’s pretty cool, let us get our awesome swords and kill you”. But this happens all the time. It’s happened across the continents at different times and eras.  It’s incredible.

Infrastructure is just incredible. Shops, cars, tables and the internet. They are all made possible due to the infrastructure that we have been putting in place and tearing down for over a few thousand years. The Roman Empire, the Egyptians and whatever the current group is. They have all come along and changed the face of the world. Humans came along and became awesome. I mean look around your room, look at everything we have done and made. That’s just what’s where you are sitting, now make it hundreds of thousands of houses. We are all a part of that, it’s awesome, it almost hurts to think about it.


About Snababo

What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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