Wish I was a squirrel

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a human. Hell maybe I could be a squirrel. At least the other squirrels can’t mess it up. You spend most of the year saving nuts for winter. You sleep in the winter, have kids in the summer and repeat. You aren’t going to get your next door neighbour squirrel coming in and killing everyone, and their children. He might steal your nuts, but that is all he will do. But instead I’m a humans, which sometimes sucks, it sucks real bad.

Now I’m not going to continue this rant because I’m tired and angry. But this anger was spurned on by watching a video, specifically this one here. Now I’m not going to hate on America, or justice systems, or anything else. I don’t like to generalise people in general. But god damn it I don’t want to part of a race that does stupid shit like this or gunning children down, making car bombs, turning everything into a weapon and threatening to blow shit up. Stop being assholes. If you want to get along with people you need to follow one simple rule:

1. Your rights end where they start to damage another person.

i.e. I am allowed to swing my arm around all day, but if I’m about to hit someone I have to stop. I can say what I want, up until the point where I am going to be hurtful and damaging to someone else.

Granted that kid probably freaked some people out. But come on, stop being idiots and taking things…. I’m going to stop before this becomes a full blown rant..


About Snababo

What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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2 Responses to Wish I was a squirrel

  1. marieolivia says:

    I’m confused, are you mad that he joked about it or mad that he went to jail for it? Or maybe both, I dunno, pretty tasteless joke, but at the same time jail is maybe overreacting ‘a little’.
    Definitely wish I was a squirrel in stead of having to think about this, or maybe a fairy, a fairy is my favorite, because they are just nice. And have magic powder. And look nice.

    • Snababo says:

      I was mad that he went to jail for joking about something. I’ve joked about things similar to that in the past. Hell earlier today I said that the best solution to fixing the economy would be to go into the banks and kill everyone inside. It’s essentially the same thing for Justin Carter. A joke is a joke, no matter how extreme it is. You can disagree with the joke and not think it’s funny. But locking me away for 10 years because I said we should kill all the people who work in banks in jest is just wrong.

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