The Slane “Event”

So this isn’t going to be a nice post, and you are forewarned that I’m quite likely to rant a fair bit. Eminem was recently playing a gig in Slane. I’m not a fan of Eminem but this isn’t about him. At this concert as with any concert things happened. People took drugs, had lots of alcohol and who knows what else. One thing that happened was caught on video or there was pictures or both, I’m not sure but I ain’t going to look too far into it. So as of right now there is a picture floating around the internet where a guy is feeling up a girl at the concert, no I’ll not link to it, you can find it yourself. Now there is a couple of things I want to talk about so I’ll try and divide them up.

1. The act:

Ok, so personally I’d never do this unless there was a lot of alcohol involved. But I can understand how it would happen. The way I see it they were probably making out and then it went a bit too far. There are various rumours about blowjobs or that it was just a handjob… loads of things. But it doesn’t matter it’s just a thing that happened. Should it have happened? Probably not in public at least, but let’s face it, sex exists. Where people go sex and sexual acts will happen.

What makes this act different is that it was recorded. We can’t play the blame game. The blame game boils down to “Party X should have more self control”. If you are saying the girl should you are probably a guy and I defy you say no to a girl who starts giving you a handjob, if you are a gal then I say the same. If you think the guy should have more control you are probably a girl and don’t know quite what it’s like to have the horribly raging hormones of a guy (even I have trouble with it), if you are a guy, try making out with a lovely girl while drunk and keeping your hands off… it’s really hard.

Truth be told stuff like this happens all the time, it doesn’t make headlines but it happens and we can’t nay say either party for it happening to them. So would those of you on your high horse get the fuck down off it (excuse the language) either you have never been in their position or forget what it’s like to be in that position. So stop judging them.

2. The Cameraman/uploader

This is something I haven’t heard talked about a lot, or even at all. Someone was walking passed and saw this act and decided that it’d be great to film them. I don’t know if it was the same person that decided to stick it on the internet. The person that filmed it is bad enough. I can’t even imagine why someone would…. it’s just beyond me. But then to upload it? They must be the biggest jackass ever to be born. That person in a single swoop did a hell of a lot of damage to the life of the young woman involved. Mostly cause it’s tagged “Slane Girl”. I am going to assume it’s a dude. Let’s face it it’s the kind of thing a guy would do (I’m not sexist I swear check out my previous blog post on gender). Whomever this person is, I hope he is tracked down and intentionally given a messy hanging. A little harsh, but he is a horrible human being that I would rather not have on this planet any more. It’s one thing to do something in the heat of the moment, but outside of the moment…. this person is the epitome of disgusting.

3. Retweeters

You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, what were you thinking? “Oh well this is interesting let’s show all my other friends and spread the pain”. Everyone that retweeted the original images or videos or whatever was released, I have no words for it. It’s because of you guys that this event has had such an impact and you are horrible people and I wish you a world of hurt. Also it should be noted that in retweeting you nearly became responsible for the spreading of child porn as the girl in the pictures is only barely legal. The punishment for which in Ireland is a year in prison and €2,500 fine. Clearly you aren’t capable of higher cognitive thoughts.

4. Social Media

As the flip side of the people that retweeted the original images there is a small group formed on Twitter going under “Slane Girl Solidarity” no caps all one word of course. I’m actually quite impressed by this. It’s horrible that it had to happen, but people are showing a better side of themselves and social media as a whole. It’s got a decent mix of guys and gals saying that the whole thing going viral and the damage it’s caused it really uncool and giving some form of support for the girl. There are some people who are being assholes about it, all of them guys as far as I can see, but it’s mostly positive. There is stuff on there about the girl in question being in hospital on suicide watch, which I really hope isn’t true, but if it is I hope that changes. You life is only over when it ends.

5. Government Reaction

This is actually a bit of a spin off and is more something that I’m waiting for rather than anything else. A few months back there was talk about having the Irish government censor the internet so that people can’t watch porn. Now this is a really stupid idea cause anyone with any idea of computers can find a way around a simple website block… it’s called a proxy server. Now I was against it, cause it’s a small step from “No porn for you” to “No online videos for you” to who knows what else. I just hope that there won’t be a huge outcry over this whole incident.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you made it this far I apologise for any ranting or death threats I made.

TLDR: The girl isn’t to blame, the uploader should hang, retweeters should be shot and there is still some hope. I hope she is ok.


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What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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