A month and a half in a half cast

To say that just under 6 weeks ago I had a life changing experience would be an exageration, but not a huge one. While cycling to work a van door opened in front of me and my left (dominant) hand decided to punch the door frame catching the rim between my pinky and ring finger. It turns out that metal beats flesh as assuredly as paper beats rock (somehow). So I toppled off the bike I was renting and thankfully ended up with only a broken hand and a bloody knee. Now I know everyone wants to see a picture of my bloody knee, but it slipped my mind. So instead you’ll have to settle for this picture the doctors took of my hand (weirdos!):

Far left finger, near the bottom, I can assure you it ain't meant to look like that

Needless to say the bone is freaky looking… and also broken. So I got put in a cast, with my ring and pinky finger tied together, and set loose, told that in 4 to 6 weeks I should be fine.

It’s now 5 weeks 4 days and about 7 hours and 11 minutes (at time of typing) after the accident. My hand is still in a half cast, the third one since the accident after I lost circulation in several fingers and some of my hand a week and a half into the first and had to get it swapped out. I didn’t realise how much  of a nuisance not having a hand would be. When I was younger I dislocated my thumb on that hand (I mean I say I but I wasn’t the person that went to kick a football and hit my hand instead). But being younger it didn’t impact me as much. I feel mostly useless these days. I can barely cook, can’t wash dishes, need help cleaning myself, can’t play the piano (nothing new there though) and can’t wear long sleeves.

To be honest were it not for the help of those around my I’d be in a much worse state than I am now. But beyond not being able for stuff my biggest worry is that I’ll be like this longer. I’m dreading going to the doctors on Thursday and being told I’ll be longer in a cast or worse yet, something went wrong and I need surgery (not likely, but still a fear). I have to be so damn careful all the time right now and I’m worried I’ll move my hand wrong and there goes all the mending. Last night I was eating ice-cream, using the spoon in my left hand too keep from holdin the wet tub, when I pushed to hard and felt something crack, I don’t know what it was and it didn’t hurt so it ain’t likely serious… but I fear.

I’m looking forward to the road to recovery, which will still take some months once I’m out of the cast, but that at least is a challenge I can tackle, as it is I’m just waiting and hoping that I won’t end up in a cast longer. Doctors were hopeful last time I was at the hospital, the bone wasn’t mending but it was aligning. Either way in a few more days and hours I’ll know what’s what and until then I’ll try not to worry… I’ll try really hard.


About Snababo

What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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