Wedding Plans

Ok, so straight up I’m not getting married any time soon, no congratulations are in order. However a few of my friends have in the last while gotten married or are going to be married soon. This has funnily enough raised the question for me. “What would me wedding be like?”. Now most of this is hypothetical and if I ever get married will probably change cause lets face it I’d be in a relationship and so her input would be important. Or it’ll be that she has plans and my input will be important, or however it’ll work out. But either way here it goes. “My ‘ideal’ wedding”

First thing I thought was that it couldn’t be a church ceremony, nor would it be religious in any way. But it can’t just be a simple civil ceremony that’s actually kinda boring. So it would have to be something that is fun. Something that all of my friends could on some level enjoy. So straight up it’s a party of some sort, probably one with games, music and food. Sounds more or less like a normal wedding party, except with the addition of games. Oh, oh, oh, a wedding ceremony where we are all dresses in medieval style clothes. Wait why stop there? Gamer style it. So something along the lines of a Sword-LARP. Or maybe even Steampunk or Startr…. nah probably Steampunk, though I can decide that at a latter date. So what’s next, location is important, also kinda easy. It’ll have to be outside and near some sort of castle like thing, so somewhere like Donadea Forest Park. Though I’d only be able to do that if I was rich. Still somewhere like that would be awesome. Throw in bouncy castles, archery ranges (with fake arrows… obviously) and alcohol then you have one heck of a party.

…. and now to debate with myself for a long time as to whether or not I should ever publish this.


Edit: 4 Years later… I have a Girlfriend, plans will almost certainly be different but hell let’s post it anyway


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What can I say? I'm 26, Irish, have Asperger's Syndrome and a lot on my mind.
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