Inside My Head

As mentioned in the about section I tend to think a little differently to normal, which can be said of anyone with Asperger’s Syndrome. So this section will be where I explain what I think and if I know why then that too. This will probably be helpful if you know someone with Asperger’s or some other alternate thinking patterns and want a look at how other people think. It might also have you question why you think the way you do. One way or another I hope you enjoy the read. The links bellow will bring you to different posts in this category.

  • I’m an Adult, Right? – My thoughts on becoming an adult and what it entails (2013-12-10)
  • The Truth – A Much needed rant about social interactions (2013-11-28)
  • Long Few Weeks – Heh, semi panic attack online (2013-09-09)
  • Compliments – Why I don’t take compliments well (2013-08-17)
  • Hiatus Over – An end to my recent and short hiatus (2013-07-24)
  • Problems and Psychs – Some of my current issues in a handy post format (2013-07-9)
  • Just Talk – My inability to talk about things that are on my mind (2013-06-23)
  • What Asperger’s Means – A post about how Asperger’s Syndrome effects me (2013-06-11)
  • Not Suffering, I Swear – My take on what it means to suffer from stuff like depression or Asperger’s Syndrome (2013-06-04)
  • Surprise Hugs  – A description of one of the most unsettling and horrifying things that can happen to me. (2013-06-02)

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