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Recognizing myself

Last night I went to bed feeling isolated, alone and like I didn’t want to sleep.I stayed up till 03:30 knowing I had to be up for 06:00 to get to work. I don’t even think that I felt alone … Continue reading

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The internet and me

The internet and I (grammar!) have a strange relationship. Not the kind where we tie each other up, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. It’s one with a lot of ups and downs most of which I won’t go … Continue reading

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Understanding the introvert

This blog post is inspired by a friend of mine and an XKCD “what if?” post. So a few days ago I was in the hospital. Nothing too major, just a really bad migraine and cause I’d had no history … Continue reading

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Achievements, Understanding and Connections

So last week two of my friends got married. It was a mighty big shindig with lots of people coming and going and naturally enough I was there. Cause no wedding is complete without me…. totally. Now are far as … Continue reading

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Just Talk!

I quite often have a problem with getting myself to talk. Sometimes it’s a confidence issue or maybe it’s a processing problem. I know it often happens during conflict, where I freeze up because it takes too long for me … Continue reading

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Not Suffering, I Swear

I’ve been told time and time again that I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome. I was told for a long time that I suffered from Depression. I’ve had doctors tell me I suffer from several things from asthma to a bad … Continue reading

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